Buoy 10 fishing tips and reports

 Record breaking season predicted this year for Chinook and Silvers on the Columbia river (Buoy 10)!

First Salmon!!!!
Well its August again and anyone that targets Salmon for there dinner table knows the best place for that is at the mouth of the Columbia river also known as Buoy 10. They are predicting 1.6 million Chinook salmon and 1 million silvers. That's a lot of fishing in one place and that place is at the mouth of the Columbia river right now!!
 The weather and currents are not for the unseasoned boater. The wind generally picks up in the afternoon, possible fog in the morning and tide changes that are very dramatic. If you plan on making it out to the number 10 buoy or into the ocean your boat must be in good working condition and 19 ft or bigger. This is were most of the fish will be caught. Most boats are going out and returning by 10 A.M with there limits.
 If you have a smaller boat and would like to get in on the action make sure to stay close to an exit door. If you leave out of Hammond on the Oregon side try trolling the green marker cans from East to West on a out going tide and from West to East on the incoming tide. If your going out of Chinook on the Washington side try just above the Megler bridge or just below the Desdemona sands VHF radio or cell phone is a must even though there will be a lot of other boats out there.
 Last Friday I was able to take my 13 year old daughter out and she hooked and landed her first salmon a very nice 18-20 pound Chinook. This is a great place to take someone for there first fish. Most days multiple strikes and hookups are the norm.
 Good luck and hope to see you there!!!



2013/2014 Hunter drawing results

City Cat! putty tat!
 Wow, what a surprise I got none of my first choice picks again this year! I have 4 Juvenile hunters that got refused on there hunts as well? I for one am getting tired of spending large amounts of money just to hear the word NO!  
 The price of the tags and license keep going up and what we get to harvest keep going down. We now have to purchase a Columbia river basin tag, you have to purchase a Sturgeon tag as part of the sportsmen pac, are we even able to fish for Sturgeon? I spent time and money putting four kids through hunters safety coarse, purchased clothes, riffles, hunting licenses just to keep hearing no they don't get there youth tags!!
 I can go out to almost any part of this state and find elk, deer and guess what, now you can even see cougar in the city limits. One was killed recently on 122nd and Glisan, one sighting in Happy Valley and another is living in a park in Hillsboro. A black bear was caught in a tree on 42nd and Columbia blvd? Still keep hearing no to my hunting picks.
 How does the state really know how many animals there are in any giving area. My guess is they really don't they just make to much money with the current system of draw tags and the word NO?
 I was told recently that a gentlemen went fishing on the Des chutes river and caught 25 fish and only one was fin clipped (Hatchery). The state is closing all the hatchery's down on the Sandy river and Clackamas river. So I can purchase a fishing lic/tag and play catch and release all day when all the fish are wild-not hatchery fin clipped.
  Sorry about the rant I just had to get it off my chest. Good luck to those lucky lottery winners this year that get to go hunting in a place they wanted to go.

Newport Oregon Jetty Fishing

 August is a awesome time to be at Newport Oregon!

 If your looking for a great place to hang out with your kids this summer try Newport Oregon. This place is great for family vacations, fishing, crabbing, shopping, Maire aquariums, clamming or just hanging out on the beach.
A good day of fishing with Terresa, Colton, Jenee, and Levi.
 We recently had a large family vacation in Newport and I must say theirs a lot to do there. Most of the time the kids were fishing and crabbing from the docks and our boat. The great thing about Newport is there is shopping with in walking distance for those not so inclined to go fishing and crabbing ((My wife)).
 You can rent a boat and crab rings in two places, over at the boat ramp/marina and also at the Embarcadero resort on the East side of the bay. There prices are very reasonable and the people are very nice. The best crabbing I found was out closer to the ocean on the right side of the jetty. Not sure if they want the rental boat going out that far? If your looking for great fishing try under the bridge on the north side, sand shrimp work best trust me. You can use clam strips, jigs and other types of bait but if you really want to knock them dead use sand shrimp!
 I would rate this bay at about a five for crabbing and around a 8 for fishing, either way the kids will have a blast!

Oregon Fishing News and Info

 Great reference for current Info for all that fish in Oregon.

  This site is great! The site is interactive for everyone to share advice and info for current up to date fishing news. You will find photos, videos, a blog section and much more. We here support any and all sites like Ifish.net. The more opportunity's we have of joining together as Sportsmen, the better chance we have of preserving our rights to fish and hunt. When you have a chance check out there site.