Newport Oregon Jetty Fishing

 August is a awesome time to be at Newport Oregon!

 If your looking for a great place to hang out with your kids this summer try Newport Oregon. This place is great for family vacations, fishing, crabbing, shopping, Maire aquariums, clamming or just hanging out on the beach.
A good day of fishing with Terresa, Colton, Jenee, and Levi.
 We recently had a large family vacation in Newport and I must say theirs a lot to do there. Most of the time the kids were fishing and crabbing from the docks and our boat. The great thing about Newport is there is shopping with in walking distance for those not so inclined to go fishing and crabbing ((My wife)).
 You can rent a boat and crab rings in two places, over at the boat ramp/marina and also at the Embarcadero resort on the East side of the bay. There prices are very reasonable and the people are very nice. The best crabbing I found was out closer to the ocean on the right side of the jetty. Not sure if they want the rental boat going out that far? If your looking for great fishing try under the bridge on the north side, sand shrimp work best trust me. You can use clam strips, jigs and other types of bait but if you really want to knock them dead use sand shrimp!
 I would rate this bay at about a five for crabbing and around a 8 for fishing, either way the kids will have a blast!

Oregon Fishing News and Info

 Great reference for current Info for all that fish in Oregon.
  This site is great! The site is interactive for everyone to share advice and info for current up to date fishing news. You will find photos, videos, a blog section and much more. We here support any and all sites like The more opportunity's we have of joining together as Sportsmen, the better chance we have of preserving our rights to fish and hunt. When you have a chance check out there site.

Montana Hunters Saftey Coarse

  Montana's program follows the standards established by the International Hunter Education Association.  To purchase a Montana hunting license, any person born after January 1, 1985 must show a certificate of completing a hunter education course.  Hunter education is NOT required if you were born on or prior to January 1, 1985.
 A student must be at least 11 years old to become certified in hunter education. This minimum age requirement ensures that the student is mature enough to understand the course material and physically strong enough to handle hunting equipment during class.

  There is no maximum age limit.Any one is welcome to take the course, especially parents who want to accompany their child. Classes are a minimum of 12 hours in length. You must attend all of the sessions and pass a final exam to become certified and a field course typically completes the program.

Any Montana youth 12–17, who completes hunter education, is eligible to receive their FIRST hunting license absolutely free. That's pretty cool why are other states not doing that?

  Ive taken the coarse three times once when I was 12, 2nd time with my two nephews and this time with my daughter. The instructors are all great and for the most part all volunteers. You will enjoy taking the class at least once. Don't forget to wear your hunters orange, in most states its the law for kids under 18 to wear hunter orange when there in the field.

View the online schedule to see when and where a class is being offered in your area. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact FWP regional offices directly.


Tillamook Bay Oregon Crabbing

First time out this year on Tillamook bay not so good?

Last weekend I took my family out crabbing on Tillamook bay. In the morning the weather was calm and the water was flat. We where starting on the low tide slack and the tide change was going to be around 6.8 from low to high. One would think these conditions would make for great crabbing?

I baited the traps with a combination of fish and some items that had freezer burnt over the previous year back at home. Some beef rib, old trout, left over turkey,sea bass, and ling cod. First trap I dropped in around 35 ft, the others in 20-25ft. All where located at the front of crab harbor. When we pulled the first string lots of little one where found so we started to move things around. After and hour or two of small crab I took three traps and moved them around the corner out on the jetty side. This is were we started picking up larger crab right on the edge of the channel. The current was running but I felt OK with the amount of water exchanging on this tide. Some days you could loose your trap in just a few moments.

After working this area for about two hours we finally got just five keepers. It was not looking good at all. We finally gave up when the nets started coming up empty? It was like a light switch had been thrown, and in the middle of the tide change. I never seen any thing like it! We finally wrap ed it up and headed on in when the rain started and the water started getting choppy.

Please comment if you have any idea why the crabbing would go from hot (pots full) to pots empty in the middle of a in coming tide?